Examples in Islamic jurisprudence

  1. They can occur both unconditional(munajjaz) or conditional (mu’allaq),
  2. right now (hall)or bound on a future date (mudaf),
  1. they give an immediate effect (e.g. transfer of ownership. To clarify, if i gift somebody sth, the contract isnt complete until he takes possession of the gift, but in sale contract, as soon as offer and acceptance are out of the mouth, ownership of the sold item transfers from seller to buyer. Point? sale contract is NOT impactful. But divorce and freeing slaves are.)
  2. are non-rescindable. (regardless of the other party’s knowledge or acceptance. e.g. An offer in a sale contract can be withdrawn before the other party accepts but a divorce can not be withdrawn even if the husband regrets the minute he pronounced it. So again, divorce/freeing slaves is a lot more impactful and undoable than a sale contract.)



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H. Afridi

H. Afridi


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